3 Landscaping Tips For Better Drainage In Parking Lots

3 Landscaping Tips For Better Drainage In Parking Lots

Proper drainage diverts water from your paved surfaces and extends the life of your asphalt. This may not initially be at the top of your mind when designing your business or property, but improper drainage can quickly cause problems for you and your customers.

Well-designed drainage protects the investment you have made in your parking lot and prevents costly repairs and accidents. Maintaining a lustrous, smooth asphalt pavement not only boosts curb appeal, but makes a good impression on your visitors while showing a knack for considerate planning on your part.

An experienced pavement contracting company will be able to provide you solutions for your parking lot’s landscape so that even excessive amounts of water can effectively drain. Property managers in Chicagoland have relied on A&A Paving’s contracting services for over 60 years, so we are well-versed in drainage strategies and how you can use your property’s landscape to your advantage.

Read our team’s three expert landscaping tips to ensure better drainage in your parking lot.

1. Install Curbs

Installing curbs in your parking lot helps redirect the flow of water. This eliminates the amount of stagnant liquid and pushes it towards your parking lot’s perimeter, where the earth can reabsorb it. Additionally, curbs boost your parking lot’s appearance, which makes your business look polished and professional.

2. Correct Your Parking Lot’s Slope

Pooling or standing water signals that your parking lot’s landscape has improper sloping. Hire an experienced contractor to adjust its slope so your parking lot gradually declines to the perimeter’s edge. This diverts water away from your premises and prevents it from pooling on your asphalt. For efficient drainage, we recommend your asphalt pitch between 2% and 5%.

3. Install and Maintain Proper Drains

Drains help collect water, redirecting it away from road surfaces and into drains, inlets, or catch basins. This cannot be an afterthought; these systems must be strategically designed into the framework and landscape of your parking lot to ensure proper flow. Drains can also be built into curbs or installed alongside your paved surfaces to help keep vehicles and pedestrians safe. It’s important that enough drains are installed and that they’re properly positioned throughout your property.

You should periodically check your inlets and in-lot drainage systems to ensure they are free of debris and obstructions. You can usually trace water damage back to poor drainage maintenance!

We recommend regular property walk throughs so you can monitor the health of your parking lot and spot potential problems before they warrant major repairs.

We Are Your Paving Experts

Choosing the right paving contractor makes all the difference when designing the landscape of your parking lot for proper drainage. You need a crew that is not only experienced and skilled, but one that’s well-versed in the area and its local weather patterns.

At A&A Paving, we continually receive 5-star reviews because we provide superior, award-winning service the first time around. Now is the season to ensure your parking lot is ready to mitigate and withstand water damage.

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