A&A Paving Bringing Leadership Training to Mexico

A&A Paving Bringing Leadership Training to Mexico

Global Leadership Summit (GLS)

A&A Paving Contractors, Inc. enthusiastically supports the tremendous efforts of the Global Leadership Summit (GLS), and to-date has funded 11 Summit sites throughout Mexico, including Cuernavaca, Piedras Negras, Salitillo, and Xalapa.

Each year, the Summit is held throughout the world to provide extraordinary leadership training for individuals who inspire and lead within their local churches, communities and businesses. Based on the belief “everyone has influence,” from stay-at-home moms, to pastors, to CEOs, the GLS provides a unique blend of vision and inspiration. The practical leadership skills which participants gain from the GLS has been transforming communities, churches and businesses worldwide. The two-day Summit features highly respected speakers, music and active participation – bringing together the hearts and minds of thousands of participants into an amazing leadership experience.

For more than 20 years, the Summit has proven to produce compelling results:

87% of attendees feel a greater sense of significance and satisfaction in their personal and professional lives.

61% of attendees believe their organization is more effective because of a clearer vision.

81% of attendees cite specific ways their supervisor has become a better leader.

By supporting the GLS, A&A has joined a community of leaders from over 135 countries, who’s annual Summit attendance totals more than 450,000 people. A&A Paving Contractors, Inc. appreciates the opportunity their sponsorship of the GLS is bringing to Mexico, and continues to expand their global support of this incredible Summit.

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