Bob Olson | Business Person of the Year

Bob Olson | Business Person of the Year


Any year that we look back on is marked by the memorable news and remarkable people that played a role in shaping that previous year.  2013 did not cease to provide such remarkable people being placed within the limelight. Our very own Bob Olson, of A&A Paving, was recognized as the Joseph G Salerno Business Person of the Year by the Roselle Chamber of Commerce.

The Joseph G. Salerno Business Person of the Year award is a prestigious award that honors
a Chamber member who has made a significant contribution to not only the Roselle Chamber but also the local community. Bob has been at the helm of A&A Paving for over 45 years. He has always led A&A with the desire to make a difference.  To not only provide best-in-class paving service, but to utilize his position as an owner of a small business to help make an impact on the lives of his employees, his customers, and the community.

His dedication to fair business practices, making the person rather than the dollar his focus, and a desire to help all those around him has helped A and A continue to not only survive, but thrive within a constantly changing economic environment.

We cannot think of a person more deserving of this prestigious award and thank the Roselle Chamber of Commerce for their recognition of a man that we think is the tops!