Out of the Clear Blue Sky

Out of the Clear Blue Sky

The term serendipity, or phrase ‘Happy Accident’, is often mentioned when we think of good tidings or a pleasant surprise that seemingly comes out of nowhere – ‘out of the clear blue sky’.

But those who know Todd Eichholz and Bob Olson will attribute their growing good fortune, and that of their company’s, as one with a source much higher than the blue sky…

From a series of events, starting with a long lunch, a new connection and an invitation to attend the Global Leadership Summit – Todd, his partner Bob Olson, and the entire team at A&A Paving has transformed their company and themselves into a culture of success by treating people fairly, getting involved in serving the greater community and making time for their families.Global Leadership Summit

Read the article and view the video to learn more about A&A Paving and the GLS:

A Small Business Credits the Summit for Growth and Nationally Recognized Culture