Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, we do not provide services for individual residential driveways. We suggest calling your local village and asking who they recommend.
Absolutely! No one is perfect and we have made mistakes too but should a warranty issue arise, who better to trust than a company that has stood behind their work for almost 60 years?!? We offer a full 1-year warranty against all material defects and workmanship issues.

A&A proudly services all of the North-West Chicagoland suburbs. Think your site is too far away? Just give us a call at 630-529-2500 and let’s talk!

A routine maintenance program, which is a combination of Sealcoating, Hot Crack Filling along with any Minor Repairs, will greatly increase the life of your asphalt. By doing this, you will help ensure that water drains OFF of your asphalt and not INTO your asphalt through cracks and potholes. With our ever changing Chicago weather, any place where water can drain INTO your asphalt…the constant freeze and thaw cycles will cause that area to break up at a much faster rate if not properly maintained.

Sealcoating makes asphalt last longer. Period. Your asphalt is being weakened by a constant attack of sunlight, rain water, air pollution and gas/oil from vehicles; these elements destroy the asphalt making it susceptible to fading, cracking, raveling and pot holes. Sealcoat in combination with hot crack fill seals out the destructive elements.

The cause of this issue is not usually the asphalt but the actual inlet to the sewer. Most likely the pipe has settled, causing a gap or crack where the storm pipe meets the concrete catch basin allowing water to wash out the much needed stone base which then causes a sink hole around the sewer but no worries! We fix these all the time.

For most situation’s, YES! This is where our Strategic Planning & Clear Communication skills set us apart from the others. Depending upon the project type, we can usually work around your customers, employees and deliveries by having flaggers, directional signs/barricades and by posting detailed notices prior to our work. If this is not an option, lets discuss performing the work in phases to make your life easier!

Yes! We will handle the entire permitting process for you including all paperwork, code compliance and storm water management applications, detailed aerial maps, licenses and inspections.
Nope! We handle this for you. We will post detailed notices explaining when and where the work will be performed as well as any alternate parking areas should they be needed. Our notices will also explain what happens if it rains that day and when the rescheduled date is.
Yes, it does, including the 2021 season where we continue to see prices for oil, gas, and aggregates go up. This is what makes up 95% of the asphalt mixture used for paving. Even with these challenges in place, we continue to do our best to remain fair and competitive. Please refer to our latest video on price increases in the asphalt industry here

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