How Extreme Summer Heat Impacts Your Asphalt In The Chicagoland Area

How Extreme Summer Heat Impacts Your Asphalt In The Chicagoland Area

The benefits of asphalt offer superior value for property managers. However, asphalt is not without its vulnerabilities.

Asphalt pavement is cost-efficient and incredibly durable when it’s properly maintained. But temperature extremes are one of asphalt’s weaknesses, and Chicagoland’s summer heat can wear down your pavement and cause significant damage. Commercial property managers need to understand the effect heat has on asphalt and the best practices to prevent severe deterioration.

A&A Paving has proudly served the Chicagoland area for over 60 years, so we are the industry experts when it comes to dealing with local climate conditions.

Read on to learn the effects of extreme heat on asphalt and what you can do to help prevent damage this summer.

The Effects of Extreme Heat on Asphalt

Much like with seasonal winter damage, summer’s extreme heat cycles can significantly harm your asphalt too. 

Heat can cause cracks as well, which can result in water seeping in. The water may not damage the asphalt in the same way that it can if it freezes due to cold temperatures, but it can damage the asphalt by eroding the sub-surface layers. This results in an air gap forming within the pavement. If the pavement above these sub-surface gaps experiences any pressure, such as the weight of a vehicle passing over it, the top layer of the asphalt will sag, collapse and then crumble, thereby forming a pothole.

Exposure to extreme temperatures causes pavement to expand and eventually crack. While these cracks might be unsightly, they aren’t typically a major problem on their own. Without proper maintenance, the cracks will spread and become more extensive over time as they’re exposed to the elements and vehicle traffic.

Water can then seep inside them, which will eventually erode the sub-surface layers. Air gaps form as a result, and the continual weight of traffic will cause your asphalt to sag and form a divot. We have often seen potholes result in severe cases—a major and costly repair job.   

Prevent Major Asphalt Damage This Summer

As you can see, your asphalt can be seriously damaged due to the weather, whether it’s the heat, the cold or even the rain. To prevent serious damage from occurring, you should seal your asphalt every few years in order to protect the surface layer. This will help to keep water from penetrating the asphalt and add an extra layer of protection against extreme temperatures.

Additionally, any cracks and holes that do form should be repaired immediately. Not only do they negatively affect the curb appeal of your property and create a safety hazard for both pedestrians and drivers, but asphalt cracks and holes will only worsen over time. The quicker you fix even the smallest crack, the less of a chance that water will penetrate the asphalt and that the crack will grow even more.

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