How To Keep Things Moving While Paving Your Industrial Parking Lot

How To Keep Things Moving While Paving Your Industrial Parking Lot

As a property owner, maintaining the integrity of road surfaces is essential to the flow and safety of your business—but these projects can become equally disruptive when mismanaged. Selecting an experienced paving company can save your industrial complex from costly interruptions, downtime, and customer frustration. At A&A Paving, we’ve got you covered; our award-winning team will keep things moving, no matter the complexity or scope of the project! We have been paving asphalt for over 60 years around the chicago land area including Elk Grove Village, IL, so we’re well aware of the obstacles that arise during construction.

Here are additional steps you can take to mitigate disruptions while repaving the parking lot of your commercial property.

Plan and Coordinate

The smoothest asphalt paving projects begin with strategic planning and coordination between your contractor and internal team. This will go a long way in keeping everyone happy and minimizing day-to-day interruptions.

  • It’s important to consider business cycles at your company’s location whenever planning a project. Schedule paving times when your tenants are least busy and least likely to be affected.
  • Be considerate and communicate with business owners to prevent scheduling conflicts. For example, you don’t want to plan a parking lot overhaul during a big sale or event! 
  • At A&A Paving, we proactively pull all necessary permits, and notify those who the construction will affect early on.

Manage Traffic

On top of being a hassle, paving your parking lot can cause traffic congestion and reduce or even eliminate customer foot traffic. Fortunately, an experienced contractor can help manage these headaches with a few tips and tricks. After all, a closed or packed parking lot can dissuade customers from visiting your business!

  • Proper directional signage keeps things moving in a big way. Cones and signs should be clearly marked and unobtrusive to visitors. Customers need to know you’re still open and ready for their business.
  • Directional signs should provide straightforward navigational cues while welcoming potential clients inside. Our team at A&A Paving will ensure you and your tenants don’t miss out on business!
  • In the case of large projects, hiring parking attendants or a flagging staff is often cost effective. If needed, your paving contractor should assist you and connect you with trusted subcontractors.

Plan It in Phases

Besides strategic organization, project phasing can reduce downtime when undergoing complex jobs. For example, you can pave different parking lots over several seasons; this can be budget-friendly and eliminate major disruptions for your tenants. At A&A Paving, we’re happy to work with you on phasing to ensure the project fits your budget and the needs of your tenants.

Choose Wisely

Choosing the right contractor makes all the difference when undergoing the monumental task of paving your industrial complex. You need an experienced crew that not only has a fantastic track record, but is skilled at communicating with clients. Choose wisely, and you’ll reap the rewards for years to come. At A&A Paving, we continually receive 5-star reviews because we provide superior, award-winning service and clear communication at every step.

Contact us today to learn more about our process and what it can do for your next paving project!