How To Melt Ice Without Damaging Concrete – What To Use As A Property Manager

How To Melt Ice Without Damaging Concrete – What To Use As A Property Manager

Harsh conditions can create problems for property managers during the winter. With the freezing weather comes the possibility of snow and ice build up on concrete and paved surfaces. The safety concerns that come with this are also coupled with the challenge of preventing hazards and protecting your pavement at the same time. With over 60 years of experience, A&A Paving has seen its fair share of preventable damage to concrete surfaces in Elk Grove Village, IL. In this blog we share some of the ways you can help prevent damage to your property’s paved areas.

Salt Is Damaging

As the most common way of preventing ice build up on sidewalks, this quick solution can cause damage to your concrete. The damage that is commonly seen from salt is known as pitting. Once it is pitted it can eventually cause it to crack and break. Salt is also known to cause corrosion to metal surfaces, which leads to more property damage.

What’s Best For Concrete?

Most deicers do not chemically attack properly placed and cured concrete. Independent testing of commonly used deicers has shown that calcium chloride is the least harmful to concrete. Unlike traditional sidewalk salt, this chemical helps absorb moisture from its surroundings and actually releases heat as it changes from a solid to a liquid. This potent brine can help melt twice the volume of snow as rock salt in 20 minutes, even at temperatures as low as 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

What Are The Alternatives?


One of the tried and true safer alternatives to salting pavement is using a shovel. Useful for removing the top layer of snow, this alternative does not help remove ice as it can still be stuck and unable to be scraped away with a shovel.

Cat litter

Yes, that’s right! Cat litter is a great salt alternative that creates traction. This solution will also not harm your outdoor surfaces like salt does. However, be sure that you grab a natural cat litter that does not have the clumping or odor controlling chemicals in it. This alternative is also safe for pets and children.

Heated stair mats

Are you looking to skip the headache of figuring out what’s best for your surfaces instead? You could always choose this alternative. Placing heated stair mats on steps and other paved high traffic areas could be the experience your customers or tenants are looking for. Heated mats can easily be placed anywhere and will cause no harm to the surfaces, concrete, pets, or children.

In conclusion, these are just some of the safer alternatives to rock salt that you can use to help prevent damage to your concrete surfaces as a property manager. Without switching over to these alternatives you could be looking at property damage in the near future. At A&A Paving, we don’t want to see your budget be wasted on something that could have been prevented. Contact us now to learn more about preventive maintenance and what you should be looking for as a property manager in Elk Grove Village, IL.