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Paving Solutions for Community Associations and Apartment Complexes

Capital improvement projects can improve home values, maintain curb appeal, and help property managers and HOA boards avoid accidents and lawsuits. Community improvement projects can also sometimes create disruption, uncertainty and inconvenience. At A&A Paving we look for ways to help minimize headaches for property managers, HOAs and residents alike.

We go the extra mile with things like pulling permits, professional crews, and where necessary, providing a shuttle service.

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Clear Communication Throughout Your Project - A & A Paving

Clear Communication Throughout Your Project

Our paving consultants and project managers are highly accessible and will be there to support you from start to finish. They’ll listen to your needs and answer your questions so that you can set expectations for anyone who will be impacted by the project. We recognize that clear communication is the key to success.

Here’s what you can expect from us during a typical residential community paving project:

  • A&A Paving visits to do a walk through with Board/Property Manager for project scope
  • Our paving experts develop a proposal
  • We will send a notice to inform residents of project scope and timeline
  • We pull all necessary permits
  • We communicate with local law enforcement to let them know about the project
  • We get to work paving your community
  • We will complete your project
  • Our courteous crews clean up the job site
  • We walk you through the completed work to make sure you’re satisfied

Pro Paving Tip: Look for a contractor who can help you get buy-in from the HOA Board by offering to provide you with a presentation deck, or a video to explain how the project will work and what it will cost.

Paving Experts Who Understand MidWestern Weather

Midwestern weather can be brutal on driveways, roads and sidewalks in your community.

To get the most out of your investment, you need to work with paving experts who understand the unique features of your community. A good paving contractor knows the weather conditions, drainage issues, and other variables that can impact your pavement and help you select the right concrete or asphalt thickness and sealcoating materials to extend the life of your pavement.

Our paving consultants are always happy to visit your community, assess your needs and make recommendations for paving solutions that will look great, and last a long time.

Our seasoned, professional paving crews take pride in delivering showcase work that will last for years. You can always depend on us to be available to answer questions or make follow-up visits long after your project is completed.

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Our Work

Our paving work in communities like the Sanctuary of Inverness and the Country Club Estates speaks for itself. Contact us to walk through one of our residential community paving projects to see our work.

"When you're dealing with A&A Paving you're dealing with people who have integrity, treat you right, and treat you fairly. The quality of their work speaks for itself. It's great to work with a company you can trust."
Norm Hendle Property Manager - A & A Paving
--Norm Hendle, Property Manager, Ventura 21, Inc.

A Crew Who Cares

About a goose...

While working on a community paving project, A&A crew member Juan Millan noticed that a piece of asphalt had badly damaged a decorative goose on a resident’s front porch. He and his foreman notified the homeowner and offered to pay for a replacement out of their own pockets. The homeowner kindly declined and went on to explain that the goose was a gift from her late best friend. Juan and the crew knew they had to make it right.

Back at the A&A shop, they worked together with clamps, string, tape and epoxy to restore the goose to its former glory. The next day Juan returned it to the astonished homeowner, who thanked him with a warm hug of appreciation.

About a goose - A & A Paving

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