Office & Retail

Quality in Action

With more than 60 years’ experience in serving the Chicagoland area, we understand the pressure you’re under. Capital Improvement projects are tough and YOUR job is demanding! Image Counts in your business and your employees and customers need access no matter what. At A&A Paving, it’s OUR job to make you look good! You need a paving PARTNER that listens to your needs, provides sound solutions and COMMUNICATES throughout the entire Pavement Management Project.

Communication is Key

We make sure that you understand the steps that are involved to complete your project. From permitting, inspections to complete project management; you’ve contracted the right company. We aren’t satisfied until you are!

Commitment and Consistency

Providing a great finished product through quality workmanship is a Core Value at A&A Paving. Most of our staff has been with us over 10 years – many more than 20! When you hire A&A Paving, you can expect our seasoned crews to start and finish your project on time and within budget. They take pride in delivering showcase work that will last for years, while eliminating or minimizing any related inconveniences. What’s more, you can always depend on us to be available to answer questions or make follow-up visits long after your project is completed.

Our Clients

Client AON - A & A Paving
Client BMO - A & A Paving
Client Costco - A & A Paving
Client Cushman Wakefiel - A & A Paving
Client Mitsubishi Electric - A & A Paving
Client UHAUL - A & A Paving
Client PNC Bank - A & A Paving
Client Grainger - A & A Paving
Client Holiday Inn - A & A Paving
Client Hilton - A & A Paving
Client Hillcrest - A & A Paving
Client Jones Lang LaSalle - A & A Paving
Client nch - A & A Paving