Planning Your Commercial Parking Lot Budget

Planning Your Commercial Parking Lot Budget

Poorly maintained parking lots create a negative first impression and may even deter potential customers from your business. At A&A Paving, we understand that capital expenditure projects are large and stressful undertakings — particularly for commercial property managers. Therefore, it’s critical that you appropriately prepare your budget to avoid further headaches and mitigate costly disruptions.

Adequately maintained asphalt pavement is incredibly durable and can last for decades when well cared for. Below we’re sharing the most important steps to planning your commercial parking lot budget and protecting your return on investment.

Determine the Maintenance You May Need

A common question we receive from clients is what pavement improvements the property needs. The first step to budgeting for asphalt management and determining the required maintenance is to inspect your parking lot.

However, it’s often tricky for untrained professionals to understand their pavement requirements; cracking, rutting, weathering, and other indicators of deterioration are subjective and appear with various severities. A thorough pavement analysis will play a significant role in the maintenance and rehab of your parking lot. Therefore, it’s critically important to hire the right paving contractor for your project. We advised you to connect with multiple contractors so you can compare their feedback and bids.

If you receive multiple competitive bids, we recommend that you take the time to vet both companies. Research their Google reviews. Check out whom they’re working for, what their portfolio looks like, and what their customers are saying.

To prevent costly change orders, consider the following when evaluating a potential contractor:

  • Licensing and insurance
  • Their portfolio and level of experience with large-scale commercial projects
  • Reputation, references, and referrals
  • Digital social proof, such as Google Reviews
  • Understanding of the project’s scope and phasing
  • Understanding of the materials

Our recent Pavement Educational Series on the A&A YouTube Channel covers all these details and more!

We continually receive 5-star reviews on Google because we provide award-winning service and clear communication at every step.

Define Project Parameters

When planning for your commercial parking lot’s paving needs, it is imperative to meet your budget or stay below it. Thus, it’s vital that you and your paving contractor have a clear understanding of the project’s scope and phasing as well as all the intricate details.

Common parameters include:

  • a thorough breakdown of the project with all associated costs
  • the measured amount of paving work
  • the project’s locations and limits
  • consideration of structures
  • drainage issues and installation
  • traffic control
  • and downtime and business access.

Choose the Right Paving Contractor

It’s imperative to have open communication between you and the contractor throughout the entire duration of the process for a successful outcome. Ask each candidate about their communication style — how they prefer to interact and how they address and voice solutions when problems arise.

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