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Harbor Freight Parking Lot - 5 steps to an improved parking lot

5 Steps to an Improved Parking Lot

5 Steps to an Improved Parking Lot

fly-byA:  1. Schedule a “Fly By” At Your Location
During a brief meeting with an experienced pavement consultant, we can get an acurate picture of what your expectations are as well as provide you guidance on the best approach to get you a long-lasting surface.  A quick walk through of your property will allow us to meet those expectations as closely as possible.

2. A&A Provides You With a Proposal
Your goal is to get your pavement repaired in a manner that will provide you with the best solution, within your budget parameters.  That’s our goal too!  If you don’t yet have a reference as to what your budget will be; no worries.  Whether you have a need for short term repairs or are considering a major capital improvement project, our pavement consultant will give you an assessment and proposal in which you can be confident. After all, what better resource than a company that has been serving the needs of Chicagoland businesses for over 60 years!

Our proposal will include a detailed image of your lot and corresponding repairs. You will be able to reference those repairs accurately and relay any information to colleagues or managers who need to be involved. We will make you look good!

Pavement Mantinance proposal

3. Schedule Strategy Session
Once we have met at your property, provided a proposal of suggested repairs which you have had the opportunity to review, it’s time to schedule the “Strategy Session”.  You may have enough information to make a decision at this point. If not, we want to strategize with you to make sure you are getting the solution that meets your needs and fits within your budget.

Is the proposal less/more than you expected to spend this year?

  • What absolutely needs to be addressed? If budgets are a concern, can some of the work be pushed to next year?
  • How long would you like your repair to last?  (This determines the type of repair suggested, which can drastically effect the price. This is often why proposals vary so much from different companies.)

How is A&A going to execute this work? We manage your project from start to finish to ensure your satisfaction. Clear communication from the initial consultation to the project completion is key to limiting the impact on your business.

If any amendments need to be made to the proposal based on this meeting, we will provide one that matches what was uncovered during this strategy session.

Community Paving Solutions

4. Sign Proposal and Move Forward With Your Project
Because we have gone through a trusted process to discover your needs, provided our expert assessment on how to address those needs, and agreed on terms to be able to provide you a solution, it's time to move forward with your project.

  • A&A will manage the permit process
  • Consult with you to schedule the work
  • Post necessary notices to inform those affected
  • On-site project manager throughout the process
  • Direct car and foot traffic as needed
  • Site clean-up at the end of each work day

In short, we manage the process so that you don't have to. We've got this!

5. Completion Walk
We want to walk you through the project following the completion of the work. It's critical you are happy with the project and that you chose A&A.  We know that by making sure your every need was met, we have a great opportunity to gain future business as well as referrals.