When you consider protecting and enhancing the look of your asphalt pavement, choose A & A, one of the first companies to offer commercial sealcoating services in the Chicagoland area. We were also one of the first companies to develop a process that evenly applies the sealer film to the pavement surface.

Crack Fill

Also referred to as crack sealing, when completed properly, this pavement maintenance procedure is key to protecting your investment and extending the life of your asphalt.   At A&A, we incorporate a process called routing and filling, which provides a long term solution.  Diamond bladed saws are used to open cracks, then the cracks are cleaned prior to injecting a rubber mold sealant into the cracks.

Rout Out Crack

Fill the Crack

Crack Filled


Sealcoating asphalt surfaces serves two purposes.  The first is that sealcoating protects and extends the life of the surface.  The second is to improve the look of your property as well as the image.   The end result can also improve the value of your property.  Proper preparation and application of commercial grade materials is critical to the end result as well as the endurance of the materials applied.

Willow Creek

Zeigler Chrysler

Zeigler Chrysler


Lot markings are important for enhancing the curb appeal of your lot, maximizing the available space for parking, improving traffic flow and adherence to municipal codes.   Properly laying out and striping a lot is both a science and an art.    Using commercial grade paint that will last is also very important to the longevity of the paint.