Spring Is Coming. Is It Time To Repave Your Parking Lot?

Spring Is Coming. Is It Time To Repave Your Parking Lot?

Spring is just around the corner. You know what that means, it’s time to do spring cleaning on your parking lot! Depending on how old or new your property is and how you use it will determine if your parking lot needs to be repaved this year. It isn’t always needed but for some properties we recommend having this done every 6-10 years depending on traffic volume and usage. Repaving your parking lot is a big decision that will affect the longevity and appearance of your business as well. There are many factors to consider before you decide it’s time, however, this article will help guide you through them all so you know when the timing is right for repaving.

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What Should Be Considered To Determine If Your Parking Lot Should Be Repaved?

Weather, traffic, natural wear and fading can all be considered when deciding if your parking lot needs some TLC. Knowing how these factors play into each other is essential in knowing whether or not now is the best time to do the work necessary for repaving a parking lot. After the freeze and thaw cycle during the winter months, it’s vital to have your pavement assessed in the spring. To the untrained eye, there are many things that go unnoticed for someone who spends almost all of their time on the property. This is because most people get used to their surroundings and overlook a lot of things on a daily basis as they head inside their building.

During an inspection of your property, it should be noted if any significant alligator cracking, potholes, sinking, or rutting exists on any part of your parking lot. These are telltale signs that your lot is beyond simple repairs like patching and crack sealing. At this point your lot can no longer handle the traffic and weight it experiences on a daily basis.

What Are The Steps Taken To Repave A Parking Lot?

When it comes to repaving a parking lot, the best way to complete this project is through a process known as mill and overlay. What this does is allow property managers or owners to save money by not having to completely tear out the existing parking lot and replace it entirely. This is also more beneficial than doing an asphalt overlay. The risks that are involved with an asphalt overlay include drainage issues that can lead to significant water damage. Which will allow the same issues to arise that you experienced before any work was done on your parking lot. This simple process begins with milling 1 to 2 inches of the asphalt surface. Next, a layer of new asphalt is applied to the milled surface. This allows the asphalt to be at the same level as the concrete curbs and catch basins. It also allows us to correct areas in the parking lot that were no longer properly sloped due to damage to the surface to create better water dispersion to the proper drainage areas.

To summarize, spring is a great time to consider whether or not it’s time to have your commercial parking lot repaved. This can be determined by having an inspection done first. Make sure that whoever is conducting the inspection has a set standard as well as a consultative approach. This way you know they’re not just trying to submit the lowest bid, they’ve actually taken the time to consider all of your options and have shared them with you. At A&A Paving, we pride ourselves in taking this exact approach for every project in Elk Grove Village, IL. If you’re considering whether or not your lot needs to be repaved this year, contact us for a free consultation.