The Benefits Of A Career In The Paving Industry

The Benefits Of A Career In The Paving Industry

Are you interested in a career, not just a job, consider the benefits of joining the paving industry. There are many different benefits to working at an asphalt paving company. At A&A Paving our family-friendly culture, community outreach projects and Team Member benefits set us apart from other paving companies. We’re focused on being the best team in the world and that starts right here in Roselle, IL. Here are just a few benefits of working in this industry:

Paving Is A Dream Job

These days, job security is an important thing to have when you enter a career and when it comes to asphalt, it’s not going anywhere. With 60 years, 13,212 completed jobs, 22 Pave It Forward Events, and 14 industry awards won, you could say we have a passion for what we do! At A&A Paving we pride ourselves in creating an environment where our team can feel like their contribution to the company matters. Watch as our CEO and President celebrate the team here. We know it’s the hard-working, friendly people who make every paving project possible! Without them, we’re just a fleet of trucks and some hot mix asphalt.

Career Advancement

No matter which asphalt paving company you choose to be part of, you can bet that you’ll have the opportunity for career advancement. There are various levels of experience needed for each position and as time goes on, you can easily gain the experience needed to do a variety of things. In fact, here at A&A Paving our longest serving crew member has been here for 34 years.

We’re proud to partner with Harper College to offer students a unique opportunity for a structured on-the-job learning experience. Apprenticeships at A&A Paving are focused on front office roles such as project managementsales, and marketing. Continue your studies while honing business skills that you can use for your entire career – no matter where it takes you!

Benefits of the program include:

  • 100% tuition, books, and fees covered by employer
  • College course schedule coordinated with employer during the day
  • Time to work on your studies
  • Fun workplace culture
  • Mentorship from our well-established team

Hard-Working Partners

If there’s one industry where you can find dedicated, hard-working individuals, it’s the paving industry. If you have an interest in asphalt and a passion for hands-on work, you’ll love the people you work with in the paving industry. As a team, you and your commercial and or HOA clients can physically see the improvements you’ve made on their projects.

If you want to learn more about the paving industry or if you’re interested in a career in paving industry right here in Roselle, IL, please contact us here to speak with one of our leaders about an open position at A&A Paving.