The Benefits Of Hiring A Resilient Five-Star Contractor

The Benefits Of Hiring A Resilient Five-Star Contractor

2020 has forced us to review how resilient we are as individuals and communities. For asphalt paving companies, the year’s challenges included shifting course not once but multiple times to keep up with the paving industry’s ever-changing landscape.

If we look at how COVID-19 impacted Chicagoland, pavement owners had to pull projects due to retail facilities’ closing for extended periods. In contrast, essential businesses in Elk Grove Village, IL, have added emergency projects to handle the larger traffic volumes on their parking lots.

From a construction standpoint, asphalt companies that thrived this year were ones that tested their resiliency by being quick to adapt to the shifting project schematics while seeking to help first and foremost.

Contractors who embraced technology and re-engineered the way they communicated with their team and their customers found themselves ahead of the curve as well.

With limitations on in-person meetings, resilient contractors quickly incorporated Zoom and video conferencing into their daily workflows to keep employees engaged while working from home. Utilizing video for proposals and leading virtual board meetings were a few additional ways resilient contractors connected with their clients.

The benefits of hiring a resilient contractor are apparent more now than ever and should be considered as we plan paving and maintenance projects for 2021.

Resilience strategies implemented by 5-star contractors focus on adapting to disruptions while maintaining operations. These include a higher level of communication, intent from the asphalt paving contractor to always do what is right, and a desire to be business leaders within the communities they work and the industries they serve.

Effective Communication 

The majority of property owners and managers prefer contractors who ‘over-communicate.’ One of the benefits of working with a resilient 5-star paving contractor is that they understand the importance of communication throughout the pavement management process, particularly in a year where budgets are incredibly tight.

Not only do they know how to communicate effectively with you, but they also know how to motivate and empower their teams. Furthermore, resilient contractors often check in with vendors and suppliers to prevent looming material delays.

Manage Fine Details 

The human element is often over-looked when it comes to business resilience. It is imperative to learn how employees respond to chaotic situations and then reinforce appropriate responses.

Resilient team members are often self-aware, which is a crucial characteristic for managing business hurdles. The benefit of self-awareness is that each team member understands their role and takes pride in handling their assignments efficiently and effectively.

More importantly, it means that contractors excel at managing the fine details. Everything from project planning to budget analysis is under continuous scrutiny to ensure that the project runs according to plan.

PRO TIP: During the bid process, ask each contractor how they manage the risk of delayed materials/supplies or a lack of crew members due to SOPs. 

Always Do What Is Right

When times get tough, there’s always an urge to cut corners or do what is easy.

We have all seen maintenance projects where the contractor tried to simplify a process, resulting in a poor-performing pavement that deteriorates sooner than it should.

5-star resilient contractors, when faced with environmental or project disruptions, will never seek to take the easy route. Instead, they see how the disturbance can be mitigated or resolved with minimal downtime while still maintaining a superior finished project.

Sometimes, taking that route costs the paving contractor more money; however, they are committed to providing quality work for their clients. Their desire to fulfill that commitment never wavers.

Focus On Being Community And Industry Leaders

Finally, 5-Star resilient contractors take action in a collaborative and coordinated way. They understand how each person and business is connected. From the local gas station to the neighborhood church, resilient contractors seek to bridge the gap by connecting community and industry.

Identifying challenges facing community members and businesses spur innovation and improves inefficiencies. Resilient contractors seek to create a wave of change across the communities and sectors they work and play.

Furthermore, they promote community and industry awareness to help others better prepare for and solve disruption from disasters and other crises. The inspiration a resilient contractor provides has the power to support an entire community or industry through adverse situations.


Paving projects are significant investments. Understanding the risks associated with hiring the wrong contractor is imperative for your pavement maintenance project’s overall success.

As you complete your due diligence on the construction experts in your area, make sure to learn more about their desire to be a resilient contractor. We never know what project hurdle or world crisis could pop up next, which is why having a 5-Star resilient contractor will all but guarantee your project runs smoothly from start to completion.

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