The Importance Of Asphalt Maintenance In The Summer

The Importance Of Asphalt Maintenance In The Summer

Summer is the busiest season for asphalt paving companies for good reason.

Pavement that’s in poor condition is unsightly and dangerous to roadway travelers, as well as a liability to you as a property manager. Repairing or laying new pavement at the wrong time can prove to be a costly mistake. Emergency fixes, such as patching, should be addressed immediately—but major services require warmer weather for a beautiful and long-lasting product.

Paving projects are large undertakings that you want to be done right the first time. Industry experts agree that late spring and summer are the optimal seasons to lay asphalt and correct significant repairs.

A&A Paving has proudly served in Chicagoland for over 60 years, so we are the industry leaders in the world of asphalt paving. Below our team of experts explain why it’s important to schedule your paving project sooner rather than later.

Temperature and Setting Times

Temperature controls many aspects of asphalt paving: how long it remains pliant and workable at the job site and how much time the crew has to lay and compact the mixture.

Summer heat keeps asphalt from premature hardening. This might sound like a problem, but it has a very positive effect. “Hot mix” asphalt (HMA) arrives at your property in an insulated truck and at an ideal temperature, ready to be quickly and carefully installed. Lift thickness and air and surface temperatures determine how fast the mix will cool and harden. Additionally, asphalt needs time to properly cure after it’s been laid and compacted; pavement sealer cures more quickly when exposed to the sun.

Not too Hot, Not too Cold

The “goldilocks” zone for hot mix asphalt ranges between 275°F and 330°F to ensure it compacts and sets properly. In warm conditions that are free from precipitation, a crew can effectively spread, smooth, and level the aggregate mix before it cools and hardens.

Ideal temperatures give pavers the time they need to do the best job possible, which will significantly decrease the chance of your asphalt needing premature maintenance and repair.

Other Factors to Consider

Temperature is not the only element that affects asphalt paving. Other factors to consider include weather conditions, such as heavy winds, which can cool the asphalt before it’s laid and installed.

Early spring is often met with precipitation and melting snow, so it’s better to schedule your paving project later in the season or in summer (aka, now).

Now Is the Time — Don’t Wait!

For the best advice and outcome of your paving project, it’s always wise to consult an experienced asphalt contractor about the particular needs of your property and area. A&A Paving has been servicing Schaumburg, IL and other Chicagoland suburbs for over six decades. We are Chicagoland’s leading paving experts. 

We provide solutions to preserve the life of your pavement and ensure you get a high return on your investment. We continually receive 5-star reviews because we bring superior, award-winning service to all our clients.

Don’t wait—take advantage of what this beautiful season has to offer. Call us today at 630-529-2500 or click here to receive your free quote!