The Top Causes of Parking Lot Breakdowns and What Property Managers Should Be Looking For

The Top Causes of Parking Lot Breakdowns and What Property Managers Should Be Looking For

As one of the premier asphalt companies near Elgin,IL , A&A Paving has addressed a variety of parking lot issues, from potholes to cracks to depressions and more. We know that over time, asphalt is bound to break down, which is why we offer a variety of services to help keep it strong. Here, we share the top main causes of parking lot breakdowns and what you should be looking for as a property manager:


As obvious as it may sound, however, weather plays a large role in the breakdown of asphalt. Over time, UV rays continuously penetrate the binder that holds asphalt materials (rock, sand, and aggregates) together. As this happens, it breaks down the binder and in turn, causes the asphalt to decompose. In addition to UV rays, the freeze-thaw cycle of water can play a part in asphalt breakdown. When water seeps into asphalt cracks and freezes, it expands, making the crack larger. When the temperatures warm, it thaws and the process starts all over again, making cracks worse. This continuous cycle wreaks havoc on your property’s lot and can be overlooked until it becomes a more serious issue.

Frequent Traffic

Is your parking lot a commercial parking lot or frequented by heavy trucks, vehicles, or machinery? If so, the weight can be a problem. When heavy weight is applied to asphalt over and over again, it will eventually begin to break it down. Once a problem area (such as cracks or divots) is present, any additional heavy weight will just make it worse. Couple this with the effects of weather as we previously mentioned and you have a quick recipe for disaster.


Just like any other structural entity, parking lots need to be maintained; reputable asphalt companies know that maintenance is the key to a strong, durable parking lot. If you find your parking lot has suffered damage, we can offer patching services or crack filling to restore it back to its original state. For instance, our crack filling service incorporates a process called routing and filling, which provides a long term solution. Diamond bladed saws are used to open cracks, then the cracks are cleaned prior to injecting a rubber mold sealant into the cracks. These extra steps help ensure we not only provide a quality service, as well as a product that is going to last.

In addition to structural maintenance, we also recommend sealcoating your parking lot every 2-3 years to give it an added layer of protection against natural elements. Proper preparation and application of commercial grade materials is critical to the end result as well as the endurance of the materials applied. Also, lot markings are important for enhancing the curb appeal of your lot, maximizing the available space for parking, improving traffic flow and adherence to municipal codes. Properly laying out and striping a lot is both a science and an art. We use commercial grade paint that will last and is also very important to the longevity of the paint.

If you aren’t looking out for these causes of parking lot breakdowns and don’t maintain it, you could end up letting small problems turn into larger problems and in return, face higher costs and lengthier times to fix them. At A&A Paving, we don’t want to see your budget be put in that scenario. Contact us now to help you avoid these causes of parking lot breakdowns that you should be looking for as a property manager.