A&A Helps U-Haul Lift Their Curb Appeal

A&A Helps U-Haul Lift Their Curb Appeal


Paving projects are like snowflakes, none are exactly the same.  This one certainly had unique objectives and challenges.  In reality the client did not know where to begin for this project.  That’s why they contacted A&A.  Having previously completed several projects for them, they knew we would come up with a solution to meet their needs.

Before any plans were developed, several discussions and meetings were needed to find out what our client was trying to achieve.  This project was complicated in that only a portion of this large site was being developed.  A multiple use plan for most of this site was under development at the corporate level.  However, a portion of the site was being renovated and a parking lot was needed to secure a long term occupancy permit.

One of the major challenges was converting the site from an industrial/construction site to retail.   Also, the client was not prepared to complete a civil engineering probe, so we were challenged in developing a portion of the site, with a lot of unknowns.  Soils corings were needed to determine sub-base depths and composition.  In addition, engineered soil testing was required to determine possible contamination levels of the stone, soils and other materials which needed to be removed.  Clean fill dumping vs. contaminated dumping is a huge difference in cost and the client wanted no surprises.

After multiple discussions with the client and local municipality, along with several project scope changes, a plan was presented and ultimately put into place.   Along with many other considerations, coordinating the project along with vendors who were completing a building renovation in the middle of the area to be paved was a critical aspect of the project.

The project ultimately included: clear communication from start to finish; completing the project with minimal traffic flow interruption to customers, employees and vendors; coordination with other contractors on site; utilizing the existing surface water drainage system; all of which resulted in a permanent occupancy permit from the local municipality.

Most important is the client was extremely pleased with the finished project, which came in on budget and was completed in less time than originally projected.