What Winter-Caused Problems Should Be Tackled On Your Pavement?

What Winter-Caused Problems Should Be Tackled On Your Pavement?

Winter is not the “most wonderful time of the year” for your asphalt pavement. In fact, the frigid temperatures and freeze-thaw cycle wreak havoc. Springtime reveals the trauma caused by these wide temperature swings and extreme conditions. Just take a stroll in your neighborhood—we guarantee you’ll find heaving driveways, splitting curbs, and roads blemished by potholes aplenty!

A&A Paving has been serving the Chicagoland area for over 60 years, so we are well-versed in harsh climates and how to tackle even the toughest winter-caused damage.  

Inspect your industrial property in Schaumburg, IL. and see if you can find the following problems.


Asphalt heave, or frost heave, occurs in cold climates when temperatures fluctuate. Freezing temperatures penetrate the ground and cause trapped subsurface water to form ice lenses. These expanding ice structures displace the soil and push (or heave) the asphalt upward.

Frost heave significantly threatens the structural integrity of your asphalt. Aside from being unattractive, parking lots, driveways, roads, and walkways that suffer from heaving pose a significant hazard to drivers and pedestrians. This is an immediate problem to tackle for reasons of aesthetics, safety, and the investment of your pavement.


Have you ever walked through a parking lot and noticed loose gravel and rocks? The pavement was likely unraveling under your feet!

Raveling asphalt reduces skid resistance, roughens the pavement’s surface, and exposes the subsurface layers to further deterioration. Without a proper application sealer, water penetrates the pavement and causes the binder to ineffectively adhere to the aggregate.


What do eyeglasses, mirrors, phone screens, and pavement all have in common? Their functionality becomes limited when they suffer a crack!

Cracks indicate water has seeped down into your asphalt during the freeze-thaw cycle. Identifying and sealing cracks quickly is important and the most cost-effective maintenance procedure.

Cracks come in a variety of patterns and severity of damage; however, when left unaddressed, they can all lead to dreaded—


When did you last experience that sudden, gut-wrenching lurch while driving? Chances are you had stumbled upon a pothole. These common nuisances get the most attention for good reason: They pose a serious safety threat to anyone traveling the road. Pothole-related damage costs U.S. drivers a staggering 3 billion dollars per year!

Our seasonal freeze-thaw cycles are to blame for potholes. As water seeps below the pavement during winter, it freezes and contracts, forcing the pavement to rise. This raised pavement results in a weak spot in the road. As vehicles continually pass over it, the materials break down and inevitably create a pothole.

You’ve Found Winter-Caused Damage. Now what?

The last thing you want to do is put off repairs—this will only lead to bigger and more costly damage in the future. It’s time to get organized and to get going!

When reaching out to paving companies, be sure to ask:

  • Are you familiar with ADA requirements for our local village/community?
  • Will you help us pull permits?
  • Can you provide us with references?
  • Can you show us examples of your work?

If you are a property owner in the Chicagoland area, we are here to help! Contact us for a free quote and to get started before the damage worsens.