Why Old Pavement Management Plans Are Outdated

Why Old Pavement Management Plans Are Outdated

Property managers have a lot on their plate. They are responsible for the upkeep and management of the commercial property they oversee, which includes everything from paying contractors to ensuring that tenants are happy. However, many don’t realize that old pavement management plans can be detrimental to their property in the long run. What if we told you that when you have 5 contractors bid your project, you will get 5 different opinions of what the scope of work needs to be? To make matters worse, you don’t have the time to have 5, let alone 3, contractors bid on a project. Does this situation sound familiar? We all know that contractors have different opinions on how to do a job. Wouldn’t it be easier if there was a simpler way to streamline the process and get more accurate bids? Now there is!

At A&A Paving, we believe the pavement management plan of the future is something every property manager in Schaumburg, IL should have in their hands.

Why Pavements Deteriorate At Different Rates

Have you ever wondered why your asphalt pavement deteriorates at a different rate when you compare it to one of your other parking lots? What’s the difference between two parking lots? Well, on one you’ll see asphalt that looks good as new. The other has to deal with potholes and cracks every day. What’s their secret? It all comes down to a few factors that we’ll be reviewing during our upcoming free webinar.

“As Needed” Repairs Vs. Objective Analysis

If you’re like most property managers or property owners, having things repaired on an “as needed” basis may have been something that has always fit your budget or schedule. In the past, it was easier and seemed more efficient to fix things when the opportunity presented itself. However, this outdated approach has proven to cost individuals and companies more money in the long-run. What if you could reduce your “as needed” pavement issues with a more cost-effective and sustainable program?

Stop Guessing And Start Saving Money

There is an easy fix to this problem. With an updated pavement management system, your need for 5 bids becomes one. At no point in time should you have to guess whether or not your pavement needs attention or if you’ve chosen the right contractor based on their opinion. With the right pavement management system in place, the need to guess and possibly regret your decision later, is eliminated. 

Imagine when you have a pavement management system that actually gives you a clear picture of exactly what stage your pavement is in, and the next steps to take in order to ensure your asset is protected without the need to guess or waste more money. Would it not be great if there was an easy-to-use tool for property managers that shows them how well their buildings are being taken care of?

As a property manager, this will allow you to make a more sound decision on all of your projects. If you want more information on this pavement management system, give us a call at 630-593-0971 and we’ll get it in your hands!